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Après with style while your goggles stay protected.

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VIZ Goggle Cover: Welcome
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The Viz is essential in every true Powderhound gear stash. Protect your goggles anytime you're not using them with this easy-to-use microfiber cover. It hugs any size or type goggles - perfectly. It minimizes scratches, knicks, cracks, or damage. Slip it on and off effortlessly, then tuck it in your pocket while you ride.

It doubles as a lens cleaner too so you can wipe off any spots, smudges, or haze right before you hit that jump. Another benefit is piece of mind when your extra goggles are in your pack riding through back country or in your suitcase on your way to the mountain. The Viz is crucial for you to be ready for any light conditions on any mountain like any true Powderhound.  

VIZ Goggle Cover: News & Updates
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