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Keep your deck protected to and from the mountain on your roof rack, in backseat, or in your suitcase.

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Protect your stick. In a party atmosphere - you can never be too careful.

Keeping your deck in prime condition is key to capitalize on any last minute snow alerts, traveling for your annual ski trip, or storing you gear until next season. The Jimmy should be on every single board in your quiver.  It's perfect for scenarios like your friends throwing all the gear into the back of the van by:

- Saves your edges

- Keeps on the fresh wax

- Prevents scratches, dings, and dents not from trees or cliffs 

- Prevents sliding on the floor of the truck bed or trunk

- Added protection for your roof rack heading to and from the mountain

****Reference size variations. SMALL fits most deck sizes 140-150. MEDIUM fits most deck sizes 150 - 160. LARGE fits most deck sizes 160 - 170. Fit varies depending on shape, thickness, and contour of snowboard.

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